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Nidus - Tax'on'me



If you do not know the names of things, the knowledge of them is lost too.

Carlous Linnaeus


Tax‘on’me is our endeavour for popularizing the fundamental branch of science, Taxonomy. One of the vital component of biodiversity conservation, but taxonomy is a critically endangered branch of science. India is a biodiversity-rich country in the world but much of the floral and faunal diversity is yet underestimated. One of the impediments in exploring this unexplored diversity is the dearth of serious taxonomists in many taxa. Through this initiative, we are conducting series of long-term programs and short-term hands-on training workshops.
Long-term courses
These are professionally designed online certificate courses with series of in-house and field oriented sessions. In view of our expertise in the field of herpetological taxonomy, these courses will be mainly in the field of amphibians and reptiles. Along with taxonomy, basic introduction and training will be given on other aspects of field techniques, systematics, biogeography, ecology and evolution. All these training sessions will be conducted by experts in the respective fields.
These will be four-month distant learning programs starting in June. The first module will be dedicated to amphibians, followed by reptiles (except snakes), and last will be for snakes. In each module, one-day hands-on taxonomy session will be conducted with the help of preserved specimens. The field outings for every module will be conducted on the last weekend of every month. Regular online training sessions and interactions will be conducted during the course of the workshop. We will be providing professionally designed reading material to all the participants. The interested participants will be involved in our ongoing research projects as well.
Short-term courses
This will be a one day program which includes interactive talks and dedicated hands-on training session. These programs will be preferably conducted in collaboration with natural history museums or research collections in various places in India.