Nidus - Our new venture in awareness and outreach

Nidus is a Latin word for the nest, a place where life originates and grows! This is the place where the robust foundations are laid. At Nidus, we aim to work with communities, bring people closer to nature and help to regain that lost connectivity. The effective conservation of biodiversity requires not just a thirst but also scientific outlook. We intend to bridge this gap by bringing science to the community through our dedicated but basic in-house and field-based programs. Our aim is also to encourage and involve citizens to step forward towards conservation through scientific studies.

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Bringing constructive change in the perception of the community towards biodiversity with active participation.



Provide responsible, innovative, motivated, rewarding travel and learning experience, beyond tourism.

Core Values and Objectives

Valuing Local Resources

Respecting local flora, fauna, community and law…..

Community Involvement

Sharing resources and outputs with the local community……

Scientific Ethics

Bridging gap between science and the community……

Step Towards Conservation

Converting observations and images into a conservations story….

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

Albert Einstein