Nidus - Inform'all'


If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

Albert Einstein


Inform‘all’ is our dedicated module for training programs. Imparting knowledge in a simpler form bring a big difference and positive change. Any successful training program aims to develop a connection between their audience and the subject. Science is always considered as a difficult subject to understand, mainly due to the way it was explained. To make it simple, one has to have a profound understanding. With our resources and expertise, we have designed simple but equally effective training programs, which are quite informal and for all!

Training programs for forest department frontline staff

Dedicated training programs will be conducted for the frontline staff of the forest department. This may not a profit-making initiative but is essential to develop our contacts with the department.

Training programs for naturalists in resorts

Most of the resorts have a dedicated naturalist but they are mostly trained in higher vertebrates. We can organize dedicated training programs providing basic information on lesser life forms to these naturalists. These courses will be charged based on the duration and number of resource persons involved.