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Nidus - Core Features

Our values and objectives

Valuing Local Resources

Although a commercial endeavor, we believe in providing due respect to the flora, fauna, local community and the law. We may catch a few individuals for study and or observations, but in the presence of local experts or guides and with due permission from the regional Forest Department or similar agency. No animals will be unnecessarily harmed or tortured for activities other than observations and photography if necessary.

Empowering local community     

Local resources will be used for accommodation and food wherever possible. Help of local resource person or naturalist will be taken in all the trips. If needed, we will train these local naturalists/resource persons during these interactions. We will provide much needed assistance and support to local NGOs’ and naturalists for their ongoing or proposed activities.

A step towards conservation

Every observation we see and photo we click is an important data point, a snippet of the ecological condition at that given time. Thus, after every trip, proper field report with checklist of species encountered will be submitted to the regional forest department office or respective authorities. Participants will also be encouraged to write popular articles or scientific notes based on their experience during these trips. Recorded observations will be immediately uploaded on open access biodiversity portals or websites.

Inculcating scientific ethics

All these trips will be laid by experts in the respective fields. This will allow participants to interact with resource person, who has in-depth knowledge of that subject, during and after the trips. Our activities and corresponding interactions will definitely encourage participants to come out of their comfort zone to think and act differently. This is one of our sincere efforts to popularize science.