About Varad Giri

Dr. Varad Giri is pushing the boundaries of science, and filling the cavernous gaps in our knowledge of India’s ‘less charismatic’ species. Highly skilled and regarded, he prefers to work in the background and is little known to the ‘public’. Varad’s incredible mind, his ability to infect others with enthusiasm and his willingness to share his expertise, is equipping young researchers with the skills they need to carry forward his work legacy. His humble demeanour merely underscores his vast contribution to conservation in India.

Currently Facility In-charge at the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), Bengaluru, Giri earlier worked for over a decade with the iconic Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS). All through his life he has endured gruelling field conditions, meticulously surveying remote areas to understand the distribution and classification of little-known species we may be totally unaware of, which are critical to the ecological health of the Indian subcontinent. Expectedly, in the process, he has discovered several new species, including snakes, geckos, frogs and caecilians, and his works have been published in innumerable national and international journals of repute. Amongst his laundry list of achievements, the description of 35 new species of amphibians and reptiles and the first report of a live-bearing amphibian from Asia, stands out. One new species of snake and two geckos even named after him.

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Facility In-charge

Museum and Field Stations Facility

National Centre for Biological Sciences

Researcher to Deputy Director
Bombay Natural History Society
Scientific Associate
Natural History Museum
Senior Scientist
Indian Herpetological Society, Pune
Associate Conservation Scientist
Global Wildlife Conservation

Outreach and Conservation