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Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone.


Explore is our outdoor and field-based endeavour with lots of learning through in-site interactions. Nature open its secrets to those who sincerely and meticulously explore. We also wish to explore our possibilities to impart the knowledge gained in last two decades – only for better deliverables!

Field trips for schools and colleges

This is our priority! Many schools and colleges conduct field trips for their students every year. In many schools and colleges, students it is mandatory to conduct projects related to nature conservation. A dedicated field-trip or a research project can be designed to these students based on their requirement and our expertise. This program will contain properly planned field trips and associated lectures/talks/interactions.

Wildlife tours

In recent years, there is a large influx of people in ecotourism. Many of those are keenly interested in nature and they have sincere intentions to understand the natural processes. We are organizing short duration tours targeting particular species, group/s or landscape/seascape, across various locations in India. We wish to take a step ahead of mere tourism and engage people in biodiversity documentation, research and conservation processes. We will conduct professionally planned trips to various places in India. During these trips series of nature trails and indoor sessions will be conducted.

Special wildlife expeditions        

We also wish to use our expertise in conducting long-duration expeditions targeting particular species or species assemblages. These expeditions will be composed of nature trails and indoor sessions (wherever possible). All these expeditions will be conducted by experts / researchers / scientists in respective fields. One of the aims of these expeditions is to provide basic monitory support to researchers working on various aspects of biodiversity through this initiative. The participants will also get an opportunity to experience the life of a researcher. These will be joint expeditions with the local NGOs, local experts and if needed regional forest department. Priorities will be given to least explored areas.

Special photographic tours

 A photo is worth a thousand words – but if composed smartly! The aesthetic value of any nature photograph enhances when there is biological touch to it. We wish to bring in two important aspects, good naturalist and expert photographer, together to bring a positive change. These special trips will be organized in various locations and seasons to capture the real essence of nature. Emphasis will be given to cover all the aspects – from macro, wildlife, landscape, underwater to start rail photography.

Nature exploration for corporates

Jobs fill your pocket, but adventure fills your soul. Life in a metro, especially if you are in the corporate sector has many responsibilities with hectic and stressful schedules. A weekend in nature is the best stress buster, a deep-rooted source that revitalizes inner peace of mind.  Specialized weekend programs will be organized for these corporates based on their requirement.

Providing opportunities for volunteering

We are conducting and planning serious and long-term research projects on lower vertebrates in India. Many these studies are inadequately funded. Such efforts can be marginally supported through paid volunteer programs.

Trekking and mountaineering

We also value the importance of adventure sports. With our in-house experts and friends, we are planning to organize special trekking and mountaineering expeditions. Most of such expeditions are target oriented and the participants are least explored to natural beauty. The essence of our trips will be the additional information about the nature around you.