About Nidus

Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.

E.O. Wilson


Nidus is a Latin word for the nest, a place where life originates and grows! This is the place where the robust foundations are laid. At Nidus, we aim to work with communities, bring people closer to nature and help to regain that lost connectivity. The effective conservation of biodiversity requires not just a thirst but also scientific outlook. We intend to bridge this gap by bringing science to the community through our dedicated but basic in-house and field-based programs. Our aim is also to encourage and involve citizens to step forward towards conservation through scientific studies.
The earth is the only planet, we know, is blessed with variety and variability of life forms, aptly called Biodiversity. From tiny ant to the mighty whale, from a black scorpion to brilliantly coloured butterfly, from silent earthworms to melodious birds and from a burrowing caecilian to flying lizard there is an enormous diversity in every aspect but strong association among all the denizens of biodiversity. These living forms develop a disciplined network among themselves and their physical environment for a cordial existence and this organization is termed as Ecosystem. Their synchronized associations and harmonized efforts, maintain the critical balance in any Ecosystem in general and biodiversity in particular. Similarly, a small negative change in the attitude of one is unfavourable for others.
Understanding these associations always mesmerized us in both aesthetic and biological ways, but as humans, Homo sapiens. We rarely believe that we are a minuscule part of this diversity and our soul existence is wholly influenced by our interaction with the biodiversity. It is now obvious that the influence of only species, Homo sapiens, are catastrophic, many a time permanent loss. Interestingly, we the so-called most intelligent creature, neither respect other life forms nor our own existence and are foolishly heading towards our own extinction!
On the contrary, all other lifeforms are strongly interconnected hence, they greatly value their own existence and every aspect of the ecosystem. But unfortunately, we the Homo sapiens have lost this connectivity. This disconnection is mainly due to lack of understanding and awareness about the importance of biological values of biodiversity around us. One can get momentary pleasure by merely going in the forest and observing or photographing wildlife. Eventually, expectations overrule the desire due to disconnection with nature and this passion diminishes with time. But, when one starts associating these observations and intricate associations among various life forms, the umbilical connection with nature is retained, which is eternal! The day your excitement is at an equal peak, be it a glimpse of an ant or a tiger, it is the moment you have achieved Nirvana – being one with nature!

This is one of our efforts towards biodiversity conservation, and in the true sense, of the human race!