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The World of Varad Giri

Varad Giri mainly works on the conservation of caecilians and lizards of the Western Ghats, India.

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Natural world through his camera!

More than 2 new genera and 25 new species of amphibians and reptiles from India..


Happenings in the world of amphibians and reptiles

More than 2 new genera and 25 new species of amphibians and reptiles from India..

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Understanding of species diversity - a key for viable conservation!

Fields of Interest


Varad specializes in the taxonomy of caecilians of the Western Ghats. He conducted intensive surveys in the northern Western Ghats to study caecilians. The important contribution of his work is the discovery of first live-bearing amphibian from Asia.


Taxonomy of Indian lizards, especially geckos is another expertise of Varad. He is collaborating with various experts in India and abroad for this work. His collaborative work is mainly on new species descriptions and taxonomic revisions.


The ‘croaking’ of frogs and toads also attracted Vara’d attention. In this group, he is interested in the natural history and has reported novel breeding behaviour in a few endemic species from the Western Ghats.


‘Hissss’ passion is evident from the excitement he still carries for snakes, which he first nursed as a masters student in Zoology, a sole reason for his entry in herpetology. He has described a few new species of snakes.


New species named in honour of Varad’s contributions


Dendrelaphis girii (Giri’s Bronzeback) – A snake endemic to the Western Ghats, India.

Cnemasps girii

Cnemaspis girii (Giri’s Day Gecko) A gecko endemic to the northern Western Ghats.

Hemidactylus varadgiriHemidactylus varadgirii (Giri’s Brookish Gecko) A gecko endemic to the northern Western Ghats.

Cyrtodactylus varadgirii

Cyrtodactylus varadgirii (Giri’s Geckoella) – A gecko endemic to peninsular India.



Sarpmitra 2009

Indian Herpetological Society, Pune.


Wildlife Service Award – 2015

Sanctuary Asia


RBS Earth Hero (Inspire), 2016

Royal Bank of Scotland

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